Ahoy, Mateys!

Yes, it’s that time of year again….International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And what could be more fun than pirate books!


There is never a shortage of pirate-themed books, it seems, ranging from picture books, to craft books to YA fiction and even adult. So, hoist them sails and get ye o’er to th’ library fer some excitin’ pirate tales!


And if you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate today, check out the variety of Pinterest boards based on the theme.

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How Much???


Forbes just announced their estimates on the world’s top earning authors. Not surprisingly, there are several conventional names, such as James Patterson and George R.R. Martin, but there are also a few children’s authors (Jeff Kinney, with his WIMPY KID series, and Rick Riordan of the PERCY JACKSON books), and of course, the growing in popularity YA authors, such as Veronica Roth and John Green.

Here is the complete list, along with the estimations of what they earned between June of 2013 – June of 2014.

James Patterson $90 million
Dan Brown $28 million
Nora Roberts $23 million
Danielle Steel $22 million
Janet Evanovich $20 million
Jeff Kinney $17 million
Veronica Roth $17 million
John Grisham $17 million
Stephen King $17 million
Suzanne Collins $16 million
JK Rowling $14 million
George R.R. Martin $12 million
David Baldacci $11 million
Rick Riordan $10 million
El James $10 million
Gillian Flynn $9 million
John Green $9 million

Any surprises there for you?  You can read a full article from Forbes right here to see just how the numbers are calculated, and to find out a little more about each author. Are there any names you think are missing? I guess only time will tell. Get out there and buy those books!

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Happy Birthday, Prince George!


Last year at this time, plenty of us were glued to our TV’s or computers, awaiting the news of the birth of the next Royal heir. (And yes, there may have been whoops and hollers at the library from certain staff members when the announcement was made. That’s all I’ll admit to.)

Although my husband is tired of the little chubby-cheeked cutie on the cover of every magazine, I can’t seem to get enough. I especially loved this funny look at the tiny Prince’s best facial expressions as ranked by the people at Buzz Feed.  This one is my favourite:

enhanced-5182-1398163190-1Photo by Getty images.


Have a little fun with it. Happy Birthday, George!

(P.S….there are books about the Royal Family, too! Come in to see what we have at the library!)

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We hit a milestone this past week when one of our library staff celebrated 30 years of work at the Carleton Place Public Library! Congratulations, Shirley!


We gathered Library Board Members, former staff, friends and current staff for a surprise lunch at Ballygiblins. Boy, was she surprised!


It was weeks of hushed conversations and secret plans that poor Shirley had no idea about. For a while, I’m pretty sure she thought either everyone was talking about her behind her back (we were!), or that we were ignoring her. Poor Shirley. But wasn’t this worth all the secrecy?


Here’s to another 30 years, Shirley! (Just kidding…..we only expect you to stay for the next 20. We’re not unreasonable, after all.)

London’s Literary Benches

London has just done something every major city in the world should do! They’ve installed 50 literary-themed benches across the city as part of an initiative by the National Literary Trust to encourage reading and celebrate London’s literary heritage. Isn’t this brilliant?

69636f25-acaa-4b3e-8ef2-c1158aa8ae42-460x301Book bench dedicated to The Wind in the Willows and painted by Mik Richardson. Photograph: Chris O’Donovan for the National Literacy Trust

The 50 benches are dedicated to books, authors and characters. Not every one is easy to figure out, but that’s part of the challenge, isn’t it? And the location of each bench is also a closely guarded secret. People are encouraged to look for them around the city and post their photos. And if you can come up with a great suggestion for bench #51, London is looking for input! Read more on the benches and see the artists work on them right here.

Don’t you think these would look great anywhere?

The End

A very generous Library Board member donates his issues of The Economist to the library each month, and they are a popular magazine for people seeking to know what’s going on within the world. I’d never read this magazine before prior to having it at the library, but I’ll take one home now on occasion because the articles are really fascinating and I always learn something.


One of the most interesting parts of the publication are the obituaries at the back of the magazine. Obituaries, you might ask? Yes. As it turns out, a woman named Ann Wroe writes each and every one, researching the lives of each person (or animal) she writes about. Take a moment to read this fascinating interview with Wroe as she talks about what it takes to write such fabulous obituaries.

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