It’s October!  And that means fun things happening at the library. This month, we’re all about crafting, book clubs and a new program for Toddlers!

Since today is October 1st, you can now register your child for Halloween Craft Night, which will take place on Tuesday, October 28th from 6-7pm.  This is open to children aged 6-11, and registration is required, so call us to sign up EARLY!  This event will fill up quickly!

Next up is a really fun special storytime with none other than Ronald McDonald! He’ll be visiting the library on Thursday, October 16th at 3pm to do a fun story and visit with our young readers.  This storytime is aimed at those aged 4-7, but everyone is welcome. No registration is necessary for this…so tell all of your friends!

If you’ve been waiting for a book club at the library, wait no longer!  Monday, October 20th from 6:30pm – 8pm will be the first one! Bring along a friend, and bring along a recommendation for our reading list.  Refreshments will be served, so expect it to be a fun evening! We’ll meet the 2nd Monday of each month after that. Registration is required!

We know many of you have been waiting for a Toddler session for those kids from 1-2 years of age…and it’s finally here! Our first session will take place on Thursday, October 23rd at 10am. We’re expecting this to be quite popular, so please call to register ASAP.  We have VERY limited spaces, so don’t be disappointed! (Yes, younger/older siblings are welcome to come along, but please don’t sign them up when registering.)

And in case you’ve been wondering, we’re registering for Forest of Reading this month. Book selections will be out later in the month, and we’ll start visiting schools in December to promote this great reading club for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Happy Library-ing!

Get Infected with Knowledge

The Tulsa Community College Library made this great YouTube video to inspire people to go to the library, and know what to do when you get there. “Get Infected with Knowledge” in a zombie theme is BRILLIANT!  Here’s your Friday giggle…

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London’s Literary Benches

London has just done something every major city in the world should do! They’ve installed 50 literary-themed benches across the city as part of an initiative by the National Literary Trust to encourage reading and celebrate London’s literary heritage. Isn’t this brilliant?

69636f25-acaa-4b3e-8ef2-c1158aa8ae42-460x301Book bench dedicated to The Wind in the Willows and painted by Mik Richardson. Photograph: Chris O’Donovan for the National Literacy Trust

The 50 benches are dedicated to books, authors and characters. Not every one is easy to figure out, but that’s part of the challenge, isn’t it? And the location of each bench is also a closely guarded secret. People are encouraged to look for them around the city and post their photos. And if you can come up with a great suggestion for bench #51, London is looking for input! Read more on the benches and see the artists work on them right here.

Don’t you think these would look great anywhere?



We’ve been hearing for years about the dangers of too much fat in our diets. Even the sound of low-fat donuts by local baker Healthy Food Technologies is enough to bring about a flood of excitement. Hooray! Low fat donuts! But how much fat is too much?

The new book by Nina Teicholz called THE BIG FAT SURPRISE: WHY BUTTER, MEAT & CHEESE BELONG IN A HEALTHY DIET delves into the idea that we really do need fats in our diet. I must say, Teicholz seems to have really done her research. The last 100+ pages are works she’s cited in her quest to come up with the most relevant information. It’s not an easy read, but then, if you’re really interested in your health and want to have a broad knowledge of the latest research, this should be on your to-be-read list. You can read more on her website about the idea here.

If you’re interested in reading this book, drop into the library and check it out. While it looks like the meat, butter, and cheese are useful overall, they are only good in moderation. But does that surprise you? Even the healthiest of foods can have negative repercussions if you eat too much. The best choice is to be wise about what you put into your mouth. The only thing making you fat…is you.

What do YOU eat?

For our Frivolous Friday post, I came across a fascinating article about what people around the world eat each day. Photojournalist Pete Menzel and author Faith D’Aluisio have documented the photos and information into a new book called WHAT I EAT: AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DIETS.


Not only is the calorie count amazing for some people, but you get a glimpse at what other foods people eat each day. Take a good look. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was! You can read the article and see many of the photos right here!


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Solve a Mystery from History!

Our young library patrons LOVE the “ology” books….Dragonology, Egyptology, Monsterology etc.   Each book comes with items like envelopes stuffed with secret treasure, magnifying glasses to look at encrypted papers, pieces of topic-related memorabilia to really give kids a hands-on exploration of each subject.  At first, we thought these books might be a lost cause…losing any of the items in the books would make for disappointed readers, but for the most part, our youngest readers seem to treat these books like they are actual treasure and care for them with the utmost respect.


So when I heard about this new book from Brad Meltzer,  straight from the History Channel’s show History Decoded, I got excited! It’s called HISTORY DECODED: THE 10 GREATEST CONSPIRACIES OF ALL TIME.  It’s got all of the great conspiracies…from who shot JFK to the question about what’s inside Fort Knox. But the best part is that each chapter includes a custom-designed envelope, made to look like something from the time period or case, and inside are facsimiles of relevant evidence.  how about reviewing the will of John Wilkes Booth, or taking a close look at JFK’s death certificate. Each envelope is meant to provide the reader with hands-on items to help them understand the cases better. Doesn’t this sound like fun?


Whether or not this is a new trend, we’ll have to wait and see.

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