He Came With the Couch

Wednesday morning was our first fall storytime, and 14 little kids from 2 – 5 joined us at the library for a fun morning of stories, games and a craft.  One of my new favourite books is He Came With the Couch by David Slonim and we read that along with another story this morning.  He Came With the Couch is a delightful little tale of a creature (I’d like to say boy, but he is a little odd), who comes to a house with a couch and won’t leave.  The family tries everything, but eventually, they decide to just put up with him.

Picture 182As part of the morning, we made our own little characters to take home and I tell you, there were quite a few wildly coloured creatures that came out of that room.  I always take a look online for websites done by authors, and Slonim’s site didn’t disappoint.  Not only can you find out more about all of his books, he has “serious” artwork there as well as a page for fun things, where I found couch colouring pages for the kids.

We have an0ther storytime session on Thursday this week, and already, we are filling up fast.  If you are interested in bringing your little one to storytime, you can call us at 613-257-2702 or register right at the front desk.  It’s a fun way to spend an hour!

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  1. sounds like an interesting child book

    • It really is….

  2. Hi, looks like a nice book..May I know the last sentence??

    • you should go read it yourself! Why do you only need the last sentence? Taking part in a contest?

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    David Slonim

  4. I love this book. When I was 12 I read this book with my sister. I asked for permission to read this book online to promote selling it in my web bookstore. Mr. Slonim said yes. I am 17 now. the link below has the link to my old recording.


    You have to own the book to truly appreciate the story. Get a copy and read it with my sister and me.

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