What’s on your bulletin board?


One of the most creative things that I get to do as the children’s librarian is to create the bulletin boards for each new season in the children’s area of the library. I always have fun preparing  something new to put up and although sometimes they get the better of me, I usually learn something about design in the process.


These are just a few of the ideas that I’ve created in the past year or so.  Right now, we have the Clifford/Scaredy Squirrel/Grumpy Bird board up trying to bring in Spring (although Judi says I am jinxing us into a longer winter that way).  I always try to use color and shape or texture to draw in our readers, and most of the time, there is a 3D element involved.

What would you put on a bulletin board to get a child’s attention?

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  1. Nice article

  2. I would like to reproduce the “Anne” Bulletin Board but need a better view…can you send it separately to us…thanks…

    • Hi…

      Sure… I’ll send you a copy this afternoon when I get a chance.

  3. I did type a comment …I asked a question?

    • We have to approve the comments before they show up. :-)

    • Hi…
      I tried sending an email with the pictures to your email address, but they were sent back. Do you have another address?

  4. i need a design for our math bulletin board and the theme is algebra….can you give me an idea.

    • I have no really good ideas for a math bulletin board, I’m afraid. But, I did happen to run across a site that posts its own math bulletin board ideas. Hopefully, you’ll find something that will work for your class.


  5. Great ideas.
    My boards are for high schoolers.

  6. Hello, I work in the childrens department at our library and came across your website. I love the bulletin board a Reading wonderland. I am currently looking for a christmas bulletin board and that would be perfect. Would you mind sending me a full picture of it. Thanks so much.

    • Sure…. I’ll send one along to your email right away. Thanks!

  7. I need a design for a nursing bulletin board that would really catch attention. This is where we we put our circulars, educational activities, reading materials and all sorts of infos. I would appreciate if you could send me pictures and or website on how to get started. Thank you.

    • I’m not sure where you’d start with your nursing bulletin board. All I usually do is think of my theme and try to find some fun resources (photos or just inspiration) that will help me create something of interest to the kids. Then, I start cutting and stapling. I try to use bright papers, fun colors and textures to make the bulletin boards interesting, so you might be able to start there. Think about what your bulletin board needs to convey, then start with a great photo or a catchy slogan and see if you can build something around that.

  8. hello,

    i am also a children’s librarian and love your ideas! if you dont mind, i would also like to see a larger photo of the reading wonderland board. thank you!

    • Hi…

      Sure, I’ll send it out to you tomorrow morning when I’m back at work. Thanks!


  9. I LOVE the reading wonderland idea for our children’s library bulletin board. Thanks for the idea.

    • You’re welcome!

  10. I love the “read a good book this winter” bulletin board. I would love to re-create it. Can you send me information.

    • Sure….check your email.

  11. I too love your reading wonderland board. May I have a picture emailed to me as well? If you have any patterns or anything that might make the duplication of your board any easier, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    • Sure…a picture is on its way! Thanks….


    • Hi….that’s a hard topic. You might want to try using the Eats, Shoots and Leaves book by Lynne Truss for inspiration. There is a kids version as well which might inspire your imagination. Try a shoots vs shoots bulletin board as an idea.

  13. I need to do a bulletin board for books that have been donated to the library as a memorial, any ideas?

    • That’s definitely tricky. If the donations are for one particular person, you might want to use pictures of that person, or do a mixture of pictures of things that were important in his/her life. Then, you can balance that with book cover photos. With more than one memorial, you might just want to go for a general theme. Use forget-me-not flowers as a border and the book covers with a photo of each person?
      I haven’t really done a bulletin board like that, so you might want to do a bit more research. It’s a hard one. Good luck!

  14. I would like to get a better picture of your spring bulletin board so I can make it also any pictures of others library bulletin boards. Thank you

    • Hi…. I’ll send along a picture of that bulletin board for you to your email. All of my other bulletin boards are here on the blog. Just click the bulletin board tag in the word cloud. Thanks again!

  15. nice i got good ideas on putting my bulletin in the library.
    thank you so much.
    lelit of cebu

    • You’re welcome! Good luck with your bulletin boards!

  16. I enjoyed browsing through your website. I would like you to send me more pictures of your recent Bulletin boards. This will be my second year working with children in the Library. I enjoy working with children alot by find myself not able to come up with any ideas that draw and keep their attention. If you have any suggestion for me, I greatly apptecation the help.
    Again,thanks for being a creative person that was willing to share with others.

    • Thanks, Tonya! I really enjoy coming up with ideas for my bulletin boards. Anything colorful, relevant to their lives or funny is something I aim for each time. This summer, we’re doing a jungle theme so I’ll send along a few pics, including the bulletin bard currently have up. Good luck with your work!

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